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CAMAN - is an international non-governmental, non-profit public association of educational institutions of Central-Asian region. The participants of the international conference established it in April 1994 "International cooperation in business education: world experience and challenges of Central Asia"

The main goal of CAMAN

Overall promotion of formation and development of effective system of business-education in Central Asian region.

Objectives of CAMAN

  • Setting up management development network in the region and improving the quality of management development in Central Asia.

  • Integration of the Central Asian system of management development into the world system.

  • Development of cooperation between business structures and educational institutions dealing with professional training for enterprises and organizations.

  • Representing the universities, institutes, schools of business-and management of Central Asia in respect of third parties (Governments, International Associations, foundations, organizations etc.)

Services provided for CAMAN members

  • Seminars, courses, conferences, symposiums on various aspects of teaching business and management.

  • Organising meetings and round table discussions aiming to develop and extend contacts and experience exchange.

  • Assistance in accreditation of Foundation members in International Organizations.

  • Information on the activities of foreign universities, institutes, school of business on actual issues of education and management.

  • Proposes data about members of the Foundation and schools of business, centres for management and consulting companies in Central Asia.

  • Publishing and circulating informational-methodological bulletin "CAMAN News".

Foreign partners

CAMAN maintains partnership with other associations:

International management development network (INTERMAN), European foundation for management development (efmd), Central and East-European association for management development (CEEMAN), World association for management education (AACSB), Russian association for business education (RABE), Eurasian association for distance education.

CAMAN members

CAMAN is a regional network of educational institutions in the sphere of business and management, amounting. 56 members from five states of the region for 9.05.2001:

Kazakhstan 35 
Uzbekistan 12 
Tadjikistan 3 
Turkmenistan 1 
Kyrgystan 5 

CAMAN Accreditation

CAMAN initiated the work on accreditation of the MBA in the Central Asian region. The main aim is to promote development and acknowledgement of the MBA programme in the Central Asian region as an efficient form of training professional managers for market economy.

The Accreditation will provide:

  • Promotion of the development and acknowledgment of MBA programme in the region.

  • Making the MBA programme in the region appropriate to international standards.

  • Support of the interests of education service consumers.

  • Increasing the scientific-methodological and organizational level of the work of educational institutions in the region and their adaptation to the new requirements of the market of business education.

Abai ave., 52.
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
Phones: +7 (3272) 423545, 428933

Fax:  +7 (3272) 509228

E-Mail: caman@iab.almaty.kz
, caman_kz@euro.ru